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Only exceptional fine vintage chocolates… From bean to bar

Millésime Chocolat is a bean-to-bar craft chocolate workshop located in Liège, Belgium, that works directly with cocoa beans. It is one of the few bean-to-bar workshops in Belgium.


Each of our chocolates is exclusive because it bears its vintage and comes from a specific terrain and area! As in the world of wine-making, our main aspiration is to promote natural produce, with flavours that change from one year to the next while keeping the basic characteristics of each region or country.


Like others do with wine, our distinctive trait is that we only work with beans from exceptional plantations and terrains, thus putting the spotlight on their defining characteristics. We do not mix different harvests, regions or vintages.


We only use cocoa beans from environmentally friendly plantations that do not engage in intensive farming. Our beans come from non-modified strains carrying the ancestral genes of cocoa trees, ensuring complete traceability from beans to finished chocolate. We also make sure that planters get fair wages and stand firmly against child labour.


Authentic chocolate-making from A to Z

We span the entire chocolate-making process from roasting the raw cocoa beans to the finished products. Our aim is tocapitalise on our expertise from the selection of beans to sales to consumers. It takes us back to authentic craft chocolate made from A to Z. Our roasting and chocolate-making work starts as soon as the raw beans arrive in jute bags… Chocolate-making is a complex process in which fermented cocoa beans are roasted, crushed, pounded on stone, conched and tempered using specialised equipment until their transformation into chocolate is complete.

We carefully select our beans and the plantations they are grown on. Cocoa plantations are managed by planters with a long-term vision, taking into account criteria such as the influence of the terrain on cocoa trees, environmental factors, the origins and varieties of cocoa trees… We only work with plantations that engage in sustainable agriculture.

Thorough screening of cocoa tree origins

Over the last few thousand years, cocoa trees have diversified substantially to conquer a wide range of terrains. We screen the cocoa trees behind our beans by origin and only use non-modified, ancestral varieties. In other words, we rejected high-yield hybrids created byindustry.


Knowledge of plantations


Spotlight on Terrains

Our choice of beans revolves around terrains. People often buy chocolate without knowing where it comes from. In some cases, the label only states the country of origin. In our selection, we go as far as to display the terrain. Certain parts of the world have terrainsthat are particularly conducive to exquisite cocoa. What we call terrains are specific natural regions with consistent flavours, where there are genuine experts in growing, harvesting and preparing cocoa beans.


Beyond merely stating the countries of origin, we work exclusively with terrains in Cuba, Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela, India, São Tomé, Cameroon, Madagascar and Vietnam.


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