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Jean-Christophe Hubert, an expert with a passion for craft chocolate, dreamed of opening his own chocolate workshop starting from bean roasting. He trained at CIRAD in Montpellier, an agronomy research centre focusing on the development of sensory chocolate analysis and cocoa expertise, as well as the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute in New York.


The vintage is a landmark

We span the entire chocolate-making process from roasting the raw cocoa beans to the finished products. Our aim is to capitalise on our expertise from the selection of beans to sales to consumers. It takes us back to authentic craft chocolate made from A to Z. Our roasting and chocolate-making work starts as soon as the raw beans arrive in jute bags… Chocolate-making is a complex process in which fermented cocoa beans are roasted, crushed, pounded on stone, conched and tempered using specialised equipment until their transformation into chocolate is complete.


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