Millésime Chocolat opens
the doors to its manufacture

Located in Belgium, on the outskirts of Liège, Millésime Chocolat is a craft chocolate factory that works directly with cocoa beans, commonly known as “Bean-to-Bar”.

Our speciality: our chocolate is vintage.

Coming from a terroir, a specific geographical area, our chocolate is produced in limited quantities according to tradition and the manufacturing processes of yesteryear. We have complete control over the process of transforming raw cocoa beans, from roasting to making finished products.

It is the return to the authentic A-Z manufacture of artisanal chocolate.

Tour description

(20 people minimum)

  • Welcome film and explanation of the work in producing countries.
  • Bean room and raw bean tasting.
  • Roasting and crushing of the beans (tasting of roasted beans).
  • Conching (creation of chocolate and discovery of raw materials).
  • Tempering and moulding of final chocolate.

We have a room equipped with a kitchen where groups can gather before or after their visits.
We can also combine the visit with various events like a dinner, a cocktail party, a conference…


The best is left for the end… Tasting of the Millésime Chocolat creations.

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Our products

Single origin chocolate bars

Gourmet chocolate bars


Chocolate squares

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